Track-Game, l’Escape Game de la Bataille d’Arras

Every evening, the museum tour turns into a treasure hunt to find the maps belonging to the General Staff of the Battle of Arras. Solve the clues and rise to the challenge!

L’avenir de la bataille d’Arras est entre vos mains !

L'Escape Game de la Bataille d'Arras

Your mission, should you accept it, is to track down the maps for the Battle of Arras scheduled for 9 April 1917 before they fall into enemy hands.

You have one hour to complete your mission before the 24,000 British soldiers - hiding in the tunnels - launch their attack. The survival of these men lies in your hands. (Activity IN FRENCH ONLY)

Conditions of tour

  • 1 hour mission
  • From 2 to 6 persons
  • Every Friday and Saturday at 6.00 pm

A game to discover the Wellington Tunnels

You’ll need good observation, a quick mind and attention to detail to fulfil this mission. Created in partnership with the Chemin de Traverse, this fun activity offers visitors an original way to discover the Wellington Quarry and the Battle of Arras. To be enjoyed with friends of family.

The clock is ticking!

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